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Dog Water Bottle™

Dog Water Bottle™

Dog Water Bottle™

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Do you ever feel sorry for your dog on a hot summer day while going for a walk?

Dehydration of your pet can be a serious problem because it causes many bad symptoms like Sunken eyes, Loss of appetite, dry mouth, depression.

It is important that you take water for your dog to drink when you and your pet are out on long walks, hiking, running or out in the car because you won't always have access to fresh water.

EASY TO USE AND MESS-FREE - Our one-handed hydration system is simple to use: just squeeze the bottle and the specially designed valve delivers water to the bowl. Release your squeeze, and the water returns to the virtually leak-free bottle.

DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE -The 550 ml bottle easily fits into any standard car cup holder. It features an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that can be secured around your wrist or attached to your backpack or belt, making it easy to carry on the go.

FILL WITH FRESH WATER FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE - Having fresh, clean water for your dog can help prevent health issues related to drinking from public water bowls and puddles which can contain disease-bearing bacteria, parasites or unknown toxins. 

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